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We create, design and develop a range of digital products and solutions aimed at individuals, professionals, associations, clubs and public institutions. Our skills and experience have led us to position our business at the crossroads of information technologies. Our technicality and our services allow us to offer our customers packaged offers and products with high added value, based on a clever mix: Webs-Apps-Analytics.

Pelo Group customers benefit from efficient customer support and have a team made up exclusively of web-soft professionals, data scientists, who are happy to answer all your questions.

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Pelo Group

Your technology partner engaged to deliver efficient results. Our products & services based on a clever mix: Webs-Apps-Analytics

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Exceptional discounts for not-for-profit organisation website design

We offer exceptional discounts for not-for-profit organisation website design.

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Referral Rewards

<br><br><br>Why not earn £120 rewards by referring your business friends or contacts to Pelo Group?

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